Skinpotion’s Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask Review

The first time I saw this product is when a Youtuber reviewed it from one of her skincare hauls, I just couldn’t remember who she was but she’s certainly not the owner. Skinpotion’s have their products sold online and claims to be an organic and free from cruelty line, so if you’re a fan of both then this could be the right brand for you.

It’s pretty much the same with the Hello Gorgeous! brand that you can find online as well. Both stores have their own boutiques in SM North and you can check their Instagram page for any other inquiries and store locations.

This review mainly focuses on what it does to my face and when is the right time to use it especially when you have a sensitive type of skin like me (and in my case, don’t really wear sunscreen that often he he). I’m not really sure where to get an alternative product for this one, but the brand pretty much sell other sleeping cream masks that you might like as well.

Those ingredients will help whiten your dark spots and gives you a smooth and radiant skin!

Here’s a picture of me after taking a shower, I forgot to mention that when you wash your face the next day be sure that you use a mild face wash like Cetaphil! The redness on my face lessened and pores aren’t that obvious!

Also, here’s a link of the video!

Hope you have fun watching my take on this product!


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