Poppyapparel’s Chic Line

Hello everyone! If you love shopping for clothes as much as I do, then I have the greatest news for you! Since a lot of you had been there for me from the very start, I would like to give my thanks in a very special way; a gift for your shopping spree.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.01.21 PM.png

Poppy Apparel approached me last week to do a partnership with them and if you are an ambassador of a certain product as well, you would know that this offer is something that you just have to take! You can use my code “louiseag10” for a 10% discount for your whole purchase!

Abelia Two Piece Set (Sold Out)

If you are into comfy classy looking dresses then this outfit is for you. Look at the beauty of that mustard-yellowy color! Lately, I’ve been into this color especially that its the Spring season. Well, this is also perfect for the Summer season, so if you want to get on that vibe then this outfit is for you!

Macy Bodycon Dress for 43.99 USD

And did I tell you that their bodycon dresses are DE BEST?! I mean look at that! It perfectly fit those curves especially for the Summer season! Heading for an event? You can rock this dress even for your first date or your fourth wedding anniversary!

       Elizalde Crop Top for 27.99 USD       Ariyah Crop Top for 29.99 USD 

You can also cop this look if you are into a peachy-reddy vibe, although they have other colors available I really prefer this one cause the specific hue of red can suit any type of skin color and undertones! Now if you have been working out for your summer bod, this is the time to flaunt those curves and tease everyone with those hot abs!

Barnett Bikini Set for 29.99 USD

Lastly, you can avail their latest swim wears! Look how gorgeous that color is for your tanned skin! It definitely says “I’m Summer Ready!” and guess what?! They have this swim wear for 5 different colors that you can absolutely check on their website right now!

I’m still waiting on my orders but I’ll update you as soon as I get my package, for now I would like you to enjoy my discount code that you can use for an indefinite amount of time! Don’t forget, “louiseag10” as your code for checkout! Happy shopping! 

Also, don’t forget to checkout my youtube channel for skincare and makeup reviews! Its still developing so please take this journey with me as well, if you have any suggestions just comment them down below or message me on my other social media accounts.




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