My Editing Software + Favorite Preset

Hello everyone! How are you? I know most of you already know my instagram and youtube account. Its nice to be included in a new community other than facebook filled with people that I obviously already know in real life. Anyway, since a lot of new people noticed my new feed on instagram, there are lots of you who are asking about my filters and presets.

Actually, I think everyone knows Lightroom already. Specifically, what I use is the Lightroom CC from the App Store. My dad lend me his MacBook Pro just this summer and I loved it already, I’ll probably ask him if I could officially have it for real, for real haha. Anyway too much chitchat but if you want an idea on how I do it then just keep on reading!


So these are all the presets that I tried using so I can finally have a decent feed, I tried using every single one of them but nothing really caught my attention or anything unique than what I have now. If you guys are going to ask me about these presets, I have no idea how to send them to you actually but yes I made them all myself with bits of tweaks on the Lightroom CC app using my MacBook Pro. If you’re wondering, you can’t make your own preset using your phone only so you really have to download the application on your laptop.

So what I do is that I copy the preset from this folder and paste it on the picture that I want (just click on the three dots to select copy and paste presets) and after that I tweak the exposure and colors a bit depending on the brightness of the picture itself.


These are some of the presets I found on the internet, you can actually search those in youtube and they will give you links for free on where or how to download it. Those gradient pictures are made for Lightroom CC Mobile apps so its easier to copy and paste them in your own pictures and do some tweaking. My feed contains a bit from my favorite presets and the LXCN1.dng that I found on some youtube links.

That’s actually the before and after picture of using the preset LXCN1 and I also purchased this app on my phone so I can use the Selective option. It helps me brighten areas that I want to brighten especially my face and darken the background as well or deepen the color.

I was actually trying to opt for a lighter one than a bit of a grunge-y effect but it actually works well than the normal one. It makes my face pop out more and different than my background. Also, it makes it better cause I don’t have to worry about whatever background I have since at anytime it can have green hues and with this preset? That ain’t a problem. If you want the same preset as me you can comment down below and I can send them to you! This specific preset only though cause its made for the mobile app.

Hope you had fun reading this! Don’t forget to checkout my youtube channel (you can find it on the icons section at the lower part of my blog and/or the side for a featured video) and subscribe! Thank you! Hope to hear from you!


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