Unboxing MUP’s Mystery Box

Hi, what’s up? Today we are going to talk about the mystery box that I’ve received from the MUP store. They ship worldwide so if you want to order one, you can visit their website at mupstore.com and order your own box for 1,500php only ($30). You will receive a box placed safely on a bubble wrap and mailed with love.

Now, you will receive full and trial sizes like any other boxes. You wouldn’t know what’s inside so its very exciting to avail one, I got mine with some makeup but mostly skincare products that I’m not really familiar with. If you go onto their site, you will find that most of their products are actually really expensive so this is an amazing way to promote their products so consumers would be given a chance to try what their store can deliver.


These are all the products that I have received from them, most of the full sizes are masks and lip liners as well as the Colourpop products that I’m really happy about. I’ve seen so much RMK products but all of them are only in sachets, my favorite is actually the Airy Foundation they’ve sent me and both on the same shade! I’m ecstatic to try it especially this summer season. If you can scan the picture, you can see that I’ve actually received so much goodies. I like how they’ve sent me skincare products from cleansing oils to sunscreen and an eye cream on a tube! I guess this is going to be my second time using an eye cream, lets hope for the best results cause the full size of this baby costs a lot of money.


For 30 bucks, this isn’t actually that bad! I’m planning to order these boxes on other sites and lets see if they can give better products! I promise to make a review when I finally get to try them. Do you know any sites that delivers internationally for a box like this? Something really worth it please.

Wanna see my video about these products? Click this link

My Final Verdict:

Packaging: 10/10

Content: 7/10

Cost: 8/10 

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