My Affordable Morning Skincare Routine

Heyo, wassup? Been gone for too long since the internet had been terrible for the past few days. But I’m back with another blow, this post had been highly requested and this is why I also uploaded a youtube video of it which you can view of course! Hehe

Skin type: Combination/Oily 

Weather: Hot and Humid

Season: Summer

Products: Mostly Drugstore

Let’s begin?


These are all the products that I use for my morning skincare routine, its not really complicated at all nor is a 10 step skincare routine but something that is really affordable and perfect for the summer weather! 



I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for the Face and Body . Now you really have to be careful with this, Cetaphil also has the Gentle Skin Cleanser for the Face which I do not recommend since its very drying and irritating to the skin even though my face is more on the oily side. This product is better since it has a milky and gentle feeling on the skin, doesn’t smell like chemicals and feels so smooth after using it. I can’t stress this enough, if you are also acne prone DO NOT USE a harsh cleanser. Cleansers are the first product that you lather on your skin and this shouldn’t be disturbing the normal barrier and pH of you skin so be sure to use a gentle product so you wouldn’t irritate those bumps or make them bigger. This is also applicable if you have big pores, I repeat USE GENTLE CLEANSERS and treat your problems with creams and gels rather than through your cleanser.



I’ve already given a review about this product, you can view my youtube review about it or my blog post about it. Be sure to check them out if you want a more elaborate review about this product. Why is this the best toner you ask? Its very gentle on the skin and even with the mild rose fragrance on it, it doesn’t really irritate your nose.. it smells so fresh and refreshing plus it contains so much vitamins on it! Unlike any other toner, this is my favorite since its organic. I use this after pat drying my face with a towel, this is a very important step since toner introduces the vitamins to your skin and prepares it for the next steps of your routine which is your treatment creams, moisturizer, sunscreen and even your makeup primer!



I haven’t made a review about this since I always forgot, sorry. But since this review has been long overdue, I’ll give you an introduction about it. The Ordinary serum aren’t really the best out in the market but its one of the affordable ones that promises a great results. I have been using this for the past four months and I must say, this helped me achieve a glass skin that everyone else is talking about. I really think aside from my gel moisturizer, this serum is very lightweight…like a carefree person to be exact hahaha and it just refreshes my skin and target specific areas on my face including dark spots and uneven skin tone due to sunburn. Since this has a very crucial timing of application, I make sure that my face is still a bit moist from the toner that I applied so it’ll get absorbed faster and better on my skin.


Acne Gel Treatment

I let the toner and the serum get absorbed on my face for 2 minutes while massaging it then I proceed with my acne gel treatment. I have PCOS so its very natural for me to get those pesky acne but with the help of my BCP (that I’ve been wanting to stop btw) I don’t get them very often anymore. But I make sure that I always have the Benzac product with me to treat those stubborn spots before they even get a whitehead or worse actually get bigger. I apply this after the serum, I make sure that I only use a little amount of it. Squeeze the tube and wait for a little than a pea size of the product and spread evenly on the acne that you want to heal and viola! after 2 days, its all gone or got smaller than the usual. Trust me, it won’t even be noticeable at all! BTW, I really prefer Benzoyl Peroxide than the Salicylic acid, its milder and gives a better and faster effect. Warning: areas might get dry so be sure to get a small amount and apply it thinly on the skin!


Aha! My favorite step of them all!!!!! I’ve been using the Clinique moisturizer lately since its a gel type and feels lightweight on the skin than the Cerave moisturizer which is actually a cream type. I am planning to make a review about these two products but here’s a small introduction about it.

Clinique: Gel type, perfect for summer, easily absorbed on the skin, as if it has a dewy finish, not sticky at all, improves the texture of your face.

Cerave: Cream type, perfect for winter, has a white cast on it since it contains a sunscreen of SPF 30. White cast is not noticeable on pictures as long as it is applied evenly, feels a bit heavy and sticky on the face thus making a horrible choice for summer. I love how it contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid so I pop a bit of this after my clinique moisturizer.



Last step guys, you still holding on? I have a love-hate relationship with this product.

Love: lightweight, tinted, easily applied and blended, can serve as your makeup primer

Hate: since it is already tinted, sometimes it does not work perfectly with my Fit me concealer. Which is really sad.

BUT I’ve been loving this product lately since its summer and I’m not using my Cerave moisturizer. I have to use a sunscreen and this is the only sunscreen that doesn’t give me acne or awkward bumps so I have to stick to this and idk but its a miracle that its been actually a perfect pair with my Fit me concealer lately. It perfectly blends on my skin and its a plus that I can go out with wearing just this and still look fresh after applying a lip and cheek tint which by the way blends perfectly as well.

There you have it! My morning skincare routine, I hope you liked it and gave you some insights on what products to use! What’s your skincare routine? Be sure to tag me if you make a post about it! Loveyou!

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