MUZMM; Your Everyday Travel Backpack

Just incase you are still not convinced about my title, I have to tell you that this backpack is so versatile you can transform it into three ways based on how you would need it! The amazing part? They are one of the best and yet cheapest everyday travel bags that you can find in the market.


As much as I don’t want to say that I’m not a fan of big bags, I have to admit that I carry a lot of things with me every single time (my makeup bag gets all the space huhu). So, having an opportunity to get one of these makes my heart happy knowing that I get to travel with so much ease! Travel lightweight is what they say, so incase you’re going on that trip then this bag is really, I mean really perfect for you. 


You probably love hiking as much as you love travelling! You’re reading it right, this bag won’t even slow you down! Its perfect for such trips, It can carry a lot but the bag itself is so lightweight you won’t even feel the load that you’ve been carrying during those steep hills.

26685980_388395881612806_3182225211589337287_oHitting up the gym? Don’t forget that these bags have a detachable shoulder strap that turns it into a gym bag. With all these activities, please don’t forget to stay hydrated! You can easily put it on the water bottle pocket located on the sides of your bag, don’t worry! It won’t get wet, water resistant? YES! How awesome is that?!


Unlike other brands, these bags have a formed base that allows you to stock up those necessities at the bottom and work your way up without ruining the way you organized each item. Isn’t that great? On top of that, their designs are too cute to resist! You’re a man? No problem! I gotchu!

Get a view of their minimalistic designs!

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Worried if the design will go out of season? I doubt, they have the cutest prints that can be used at any season! They have their latest designs that you can actually view on their facebook and instagram page (which is btw, amazing as always)

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Interested in purchasing one and want a discount? Use my code louiseag10 before checking out to get that 10% discount on your purchase!


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