Why Do You Need The “The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%” Incoporated in Your Skin Care Routine

I’ve recently uploaded my morning skincare routine last week, if you miss that then here is a link of that blog post. Some of the details that I’ll be writing down here was already mentioned in my last post, but a lot of you guys have been wanting a solo review for this product, so let’s go?


I’m pretty sure you’ve already searched a thousand times about this before since the brand is pretty famous plus they sell their products at an affordable price compare to other brands. But is it really worth the purchase? Let’s talk about its components and why are these important for your skincare routine.


  • Controls the production of excess oil thus lesser use of oil blotting papers or those usual retouches, girl!
  • Removes appearance of the effects caused by oxidative stresses especially environmental factors such as pollution
  • Keeps your face hydrated and makes your moisturizer seep in better!
  • Face will stay moisturized, helps with lessening blotchiness on areas of your face and will give you a full plump effect the next day!
  • Lightens hyperpigmentations!


  • Prevent pores from clogging
  • Serves as a barrier from free radicals! Can be used as a sunscreen as well
  • Gives you a healing and soothing feeling especially during acne flare ups!

Product is:

  • Transparent
  • Liquid
  • Free of fragrance

And should you still use this even when your face gets clearer? YES! Why not?! You can probably discover something more when you get a chance to use this product! So want to know my honest verdict about this product?

Story Time:

I actually saw this product from an online store where I also bought my $30 makeup mystery box!  At first, I was a bit skeptical seeing all these posts online that “nothing really changed on their skin” or “they wouldn’t recommend it to other people” so I was really discouraged with what I’ve read. To avoid confusion, I searched up the best and worth it products that this brand could offer and I ended up buying this instead of the other products on the list.

Why did I choose this product?

I have hyperpigmentations from my past acne flare up due to PCOS so I wanted to see if this will do a miracle on my skin. Sadly, on the first few days, all it did was NOTHING. I stopped using it after that and believed that I should have just trusted my guts and never should have bought this in the first place.

Why did I continue then?

My face started to dry up from the Cetaphil Facial Cleanser that I have tried and since then, I figured I should actually give this product another try! For a few days, nothing changed..but I continued using it till I get the results that I wanted! And guess what? My face got plumper and brighter! Ever since then, I never stopped using this product.

Effect on my face?

  • Less blotchiness on the cheeks
  • Glass skin
  • Controlled oil production
  • Smoother texture
  • Less appearance of new pimple (even during period)
  • Noticeable brightening effect on the face
  • Less hyperpigmentation (after 2 mos)

Final Verdict:

  1. 9.8/10
  2. I will recommend this to oily/combination type of skin
  3. Price wise is amazing, cheaper than the other brands that also promises the same effect.
  4. Packaging is amazing! Hygienic and easy to use
  5. Travel size friendly!


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