My BEAUTYMNL Haul for July

Hello everyone! What’s up? I’ve been traveling a lot lately and having my skincare products with me every single day, especially the travel sized ones recently ran out so I had to do some beauty product shopping. I wanted to purchase from Sephora but I heard that the delivery of the products can take awhile so I decided to shop from one of the best alternative sites I could think of; the Beatymnl’s service.


First product that I couldn’t live without is the Belo Tinted Sunscreen! I bought this for 450 PHP, there’s not much of a difference when you buy it at the SM stores or Watsons but I’m pretty sure that its easier to order online than going to the mall to avail one.

Reasons for buying:
  1. I prefer using a tinted sunscreen than a tinted moisturizer since sunscreen should be the last step on your skincare routine before putting on your makeup. Spray sunscreens tend to be more expensive than the cream ones and its just wonderful that there’s a product that can be your sunscreen and makeup base at the same time.


2.  The consistency of this product is almost watery like a serum, non sticky and acts like a CC cream or a perfect base for your foundation. You can also wear this and apply a translucent powder for a simple makeup look specially on this hot weather!


The next product would be the The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% serum that I useevery morning and night! I haven’t been using this product for two weeks already and I have developed 3 zits on my face after its absence.I’m thankful for our technology today to be honest, without it I wouldn’t know where to buy this product aside from online stores *cries.


I’m pretty sure you’ve seen my latest blog about my honest review on this product!Not yet? Just click the link above! I purchased this for 740PHP, not bad right?


If you are interested in collagen products, I can tell you that the Ivi Premium Collagen drink does its job perfectly! I needed this baby badly since my face had been breaking out due to recent sun exposures, bad sleeping habits, lack of proper skincare regimen and dehydration.


Reasons for Buying:
  1. The effect of this product is outstanding! The effect is instantly noticeable, you actually “glow” from within! I noticed that I also get that fresh pinkish cheeks naturally even if the weather isn’t too hot! Sadly, the effect is very temporary unless you keep drinking it everyday. So a lot of people would tell to just drink this a night before a special event.
  2. Its cheaper than other collagen brands like Belo or Cosmo, although I would be enthusiastic to try other collagen drinks and review them, I don’t know any other good brands to try for now.IMG_1439
  3. For 199PHP, this liquid holy grail for your inner beauty just sets everything right on your body. I actually get a lot of compliment not just on how I look but how my mood is better every time I drink this.

Last product would be the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder with Jeju Natural Mineral Powder! We all know that a mineral powder is good for those who have sensitive type of skin. *raise your hand if you’re one of them! I got this product for 375PHP. Trust me, you don’t need to reapply this product every now and then. It gives you its claims, perfectly!



Reasons for Buying:
  1.  I’ve heard a lot of good comments about this powder! It doesn’t just set your makeup, it gives you that silky type of look. Not too matte and not too glowy as well. Who doesn’t want that especially if you have a combination type of skin? a.k.a oily and dry somewhere and everywhere. *laughs
  2. It has that minty feeling when you apply it! As a nurse who’s on duty during this hot weather, I needed something to set my powder and make me feel refreshed at the same time! I haven’t been bringing my oil blotting paper and face towel lately! This just makes my retouch session easier and shorter! It doesn’t make your makeup look cake-y or blotchy if that’s what you are worried about.
  3. Its really handy, travel sized friendly and very hygienic! It has that plastic cover before the puff so you don’t accidentally spill your product *ehem accidentally during your “in a hurry episode”. I mean its really a hassle cleaning your bag afterwards right?

From all the products that I’ve purchased I got a free Fitnesse Strawberry Cereal Bar that I’ve instantly devoured upon opening the package and one Instant White Tone-Up Cream sachet from the brand Seoul White Korea. 


I haven’t really tried this product so I wouldn’t know if its good or not but I’m sure its better to incorporate this for my night time routine since most whitening creams can leave a white cast on your face.

And that’s the wrap of my July Skincare Haul. Its not a lot for products but it actually cost me a total of 1,674PHP with two freebies! Its not actually a bad price for all of these but incase you found cheaper alternatives, please let me know!

So, are you interest to try these products now? If you are please leave a like or a comment down below! Also, check out my other social accounts for updates! Till next time!


2 thoughts on “My BEAUTYMNL Haul for July

  1. That tone-up cream looks so cute! Tone-up creams are usually not skincare, it’s to be applied before your makeup or on days where you may not want to wear makeup but you want to even out your complexion. There are some tone up properties in lotions and serums for example which are skincare. But this product is actually a makeup product, similar to the tone up sun cushions.


    1. Hello! I applied this last night on my face instead of a moisturizer just to try it out and you’re right! I think this would work perfectly on those lazy days. Sadly I think it wouldn’t be my last step for my morning routine since my sunscreen is also my makeup base at the same time. This is actually the first time I’ve seen and heard a tone up cream and thankyou so much for letting me know! ❤️

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