Nu Essence Products’ First Impression

Hey! What’s up? Today we would be talking about Collagen and Glutathione products from the brand NuEssence and what makes this product unique from the other brands! Are you ready?


What is it exactly?

NuEssence products are dietary supplements that aims to promote beauty that comes from within rather than just the cosmetics and other beauty products that the industry offers. As cliché as it sounds, I’ve known and tried that taking such supplements makes you glow way better than your favorite highlighter ~gurl~.


How does it differ from other brands?

  • NuEssence products boast its Collagen and Glutathione product that is 100% made in Japan, the country makes the best and quality beauty products that are on the market today! NuEssence made sure that the consumers get the highest quality of products that they could avail for that healthy natural glow!
  • The smell of the tablets are undeniably amazing! They do not have a strong smell at all, they actually smell fresh and fruity! But wait, the product contains L-Cysteine, wouldn’t that make the product smell horrible because the certain amino acid has sulfur? That’s the actual secret of this product, it contains a very powerful fruit called the Mangosteen to counteract the strong smell of sulfur. Not only it is organic, its also beneficial for the consumers!


  • Why is Mangosteen the fruit of choice then? Well, I could go on and on for days on how this fruit is strongly beneficial for our body. Beauty wise? Here’s why: It is one of the most powerful antioxidantfruit that there is. It contains tonsof vitamins such as Vitamins Cs and Vitamin Bs, aside from that it is rich in water and fiber too! Not only would it aid in flushing the toxins out, it also helps in maintaining a good and healthy body! It has an anti-inflammatory factor and can speed up the healing of those pesky zits! Still not convinced? Here is one article of how amazing the fruit is.IMG_1871
  • Price wise, the NuEssence products are at least 200 or 300PHP cheaper than the other brands or at least 100php more than the less expensive brands. That’s a pretty big discount if you ask me, am I right? He he

Prices of the Products:


NuEssence Collagen (300mg with L-Ascorbic Acid & Vitamins E and B1)

Watsons Stores:

30 Tablets: 999.75PHP

90 Tablets: 2,499.75PHP

Lazada Online Store:

30 Tablets: 999.00PHP

90 Tablets: 1,999PHP



NuEssence Glutathione 300mg with Mangosteen and L-Cysteine

Watsons Stores:

30 Tablets: 1,599.75PHP

90 Tablets: 3,499.75PHP

Lazada Online Stores:

30 Tablets: 1,249.00PHP

90 Tablets: 2,799.00PHP

Final Verdict:

This product was just sent to me by their company for free, I have a non-monetary collaboration with them and am still thankful for their willingness to work with me. I haven’t really tried the products yet since I’m trying to get past my monthly period first. But, in all honesty of all the reviews I make for this blog I will surely share to you my journey about this products as soon as possible!

Thanks for your interest in reading this blog post and I hope to see you soon!






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