Pop of Satin; Look Forward to Fall 2018 Collection

Imagine yourself walking down the roads of NYC to get a cup of coffee early in the morning, you reached for your bag only to realize that you forgot to bring one. Its probably and honestly because its not the main statement of your outfit. Herschel Supply Co recently launched their Fall 2018 Collection and I must say that their new line is absolutely stunning. People who loves fashion and traveling mainly decides based on comfort and style, but what about versatility? This is what the Fall 2018 collection offers.

Photo Sep 13, 6 26 25 PM

From old fabrics, styles and colors to new pops of different textures, fashion and tones. My absolute favorite is the line of the Flight Satins! There’s no complaint on that, for a person who likes to travel and carry less, I’m totally in love with the texture and size of these new bags!

Photo Sep 13, 6 25 06 PM

They currently have minis and backpacks, different from Herschel’s usual line of products but as what I’ve said, its something that’s versatile no matter what you’re wearing or where you’d be traveling.

If you’re wondering “so where’s the style in that?” This collection offers what fashion lovers rave these days, the hip packs! I am so IN LOVE with this style, this is actually the first hip pack I had ever since 2nd grade. The print is vibrant and yet so simple, perfect to pair for your basic outfits! They have seven colors in available for this line of packs but unfortunately, the new Fall Floral- Hoffman Collection is currently sold out, but thankfully they were generous enough to give us freebies after this event, and guess what? I guess I’m one of the lucky ones to have the Fall Floral Fifteen Hip Pack! 

Photo Sep 14, 8 30 22 AM

Here’s a closer look for this product that’ll surely make you want to purchase one for yourself!

Photo Sep 14, 8 31 22 AM

Its not just these hip packs that made the new collection different, its the whole collection that made a difference into the company. Kudos to Herschels for offering such a humbling event and experience, and hands down to the brand and the artists behind this collection!

Introducing the freebies I’ve got after the event!

Photo Sep 14, 8 26 57 AM
The Floral Hip Pack; Offset Notebook; Offset Travel Zip Lock; Stickers and Herschel Ciao Tote Bag
Photo Sep 14, 8 36 18 AM.jpg
The design of this notebook is a pattern from the Offset Fall Collection


Photo Sep 14, 8 33 05 AM.jpg
Herschel’s Ciao Tote Bag, Notebook and Travel Ziplock, patterns from Offset Collection

Thank you for reading! This is a non-monetary blogpost, I made this for the love I have for the brand. Hope you enjoyed!

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