Herschel Supply Co; Shopping Made Easier!

The famous Herschel brand finally decided to jump over the online selling platform; LAZADA! Isn’t that neat? I’ve always been a fan of online shopping! Not only it spares me enough time to sleep in more on weekends but it also gives me a peace of mind that I don’t have to go out on this heat and the dreadful traffic.

Photo Oct 16, 1 05 27 AM

Now, I’m all about these mall feels and exercise but its so much easier to shop online because it provides you the time to carefully ponder about the purchase that you want to make. Is it a quality brand? Does the price serve the goods well? Is it something that I really want? Is this product an actual need?  These actual questions are the very reason why we take a long dang time inside a store!

Photo Oct 16, 1 09 47 AM

But with online shopping, it gives us the comfort in our own homes, our workplace, inside the train, on a jeep, riding the cab, or even while you do your early morning routine! We don’t have to stand in front of a product with the saleslady brawling over us while we make our final decision. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re just doing their job but its definitely better to make our choice because we made it ourselves and not because the saleslady told us “bagay sayo yan ma’am!” You know what I mean?

Photo Oct 16, 1 08 57 AMLastly, online shopping provides us the ease of canvassing the prices from one store to another. I think that’s one of the greatest reason why Herschel joined Lazada, not only it is one of the biggest online selling company in the Philippines but it also provides a whole lot of discounts, sales and coupons for the consumers to enjoy. The quality you ask? We don’t have to worry about that! We all know that Herschel provides one of the best quality bags in the market.

Photo Oct 16, 1 13 41 AM

All you have to do is click purchase, choose your payment method and wait for the product to arrive straight at your door! Perfect timing for Christmas, now isn’t this a season to be joyful? Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Click this to go to their LAZADA store.

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