Current Sunscreen Products Situation.

Let’s talk about sunscreens, shall we?


Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel SPF 50+ – I’ve been waiting on their package to arrive in the mail so I can review their other products… but for the meanwhile, I’ve been surviving by using the remaining sachets I got from Shopee’s package that I got during their beauty week! Let’s get things straight,

Photo Nov 08, 5 50 14 PM.jpg

Fragrance? Yes. A strong one if you’re irritated by scents, smells like an aftershave balm for some reason. I’m not really a fun of it so I make sure I apply a small amount on my face since a little goes a long way. But let’s go on, it sets as a good base for makeup, no dimethicones or any silicones but feels like a primer after it dries (as you can see on the picture) Probably because its a gel type of sunscreen, great for oily skin! Keeps my face less oily throughout the entire day, no kidding. What I noticed about it though while blending, is that it leaves a bit of a white cast on your face but don’t worry! It disappears while it sets on your face! Protection wise? Not really sure but my face didn’t feel like a burnt sausage after walking in Manila at 12pm! Hehe.

Rating? 4/5

Centellian 24+ Madeca Cream UV Formula SPF 30++- I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the Madeca cream itself ever since one famous beauty vlogger kept reviewing about it! It worked for her, that’s great..but it didn’t work for a lot of people as well! I’m probably the latter. Haven’t read any review about it other than the creams itself so here goes my thought about the UV formulation.

Photo Nov 08, 5 50 59 PM.jpg

Fragrance? Yes! I don’t like how it has a strong girly scent, I’m not sure if it really contains any fragrance at all since everything is written in Korean (which is also a minus point for them). Soothing as it claims? Didn’t really feel like it but it does feel soft on the face! Contains collagen and aids in lessening the appearance of wrinkles, seems like its more of a moisturizer than a sunscreen to me, am I right?. Also, face feels like there’s a stinging sensation after my face gets exposed to sunlight. Couldn’t really find a proper review on the internet so I couldn’t say a lot about it other than my experience. I’m still giving it a chance for another week, but lately though I’ve noticed small bumps on my cheek which disappears in awhile but that suggests irritation. I will make another review about this soon so stay tuned!

Rating? 3/5 

Belo Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50++++- We all know that I’ve been using this for awhile now. Love and hate relationship is what I call it, sometimes I grab this whenever I don’t have time for my makeup but I’m worried that its the only reason why I trust this product and not mainly for its sun protection purposes.

Photo Nov 08, 5 51 41 PM.jpg

The good side though is that there’s no fragrance at all, something I’ve always been worried about from skincare products. Downside? I noticed that my face gets oily too after awhile, not something drastic that can’t be controlled by oil blotting papers but probably the main reason why I get small bumps once in awhile and a bit oily on my t-zone. Its harder to reapply too since its creamy and something you don’t want to overdo. Nevertheless, I still love this product! Recommend? Yes! I’ve heard that some got allergies from this product though but a lot of people love it!

Rating? 3.5/5

Disclaimer: I don’t put a lot of niacinamide or benzoyl peroxide on my face during my day time routine! So nope, its not what’s causing me irritation if I stay under the sun. I guess Facerepublic’s Sunscreen gets the crown for now!


What do you think? Suggest some great sunscreen to me please!!!


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