Applying for NCLEX- Northern Mariana Islands State (Saipan)

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you probably now have the courage to start applying for your NCLEX exam and reach your dream of becoming a USRN! Haven’t passed the NLE yet? No problem! Saipan BON accepts foreign applications even without your local nursing license just yet! Not just that, above all the other states, Saipan offers the easiest and fastest way of applying without the hassle of sending off your fingerprint card or applying for your CGFNS credentials! Plus, you can DO IT ON YOUR OWN without needing an agency’s help! How easy it is? Let me break it down for you in three easy steps!

Download the Forms Needed and Head on to their Site

  • Read the instructions on the form. You need to fill out the form completely, you can’t leave a space blank. If you don’t have an answer to a specific question, e.g Previous Name(s) then just put N/A or the word Not Applicable. Now if you do have a previous name, please include all the documents that supports all the name changes you had (photocopy only) and be sure that you apply with the same name written on those documents. If possible, have the documents notarized with the affidavit form.
  • You need to go to your college’s/dean’s office and ask for the assistance of the secretary to fill out this form for you. Some of the schools are already familiar with these papers, they even have a readily printed form of this one. BUT, just incase you need to fill this up yourself then just have it printed as well. Do not forget to have it signed and sealed by your Dean!
  • You do not need to submit this, this document is solely for your own use. Be sure to read it in order to not forget anything important.

Visit their site to view the latest announcements and changes-

Let’s now begin the steps for your application!

Step 1: Fill up the Application Form

  • Do not forget to include all the needed documents such as legal name changes, marriage certificates if your last name had been changed.
    • UPDATE 2020: My friend told me that the board required her to send a certified true copy of her birth certificate. I do not have any more information about this, but I suggest just send an ORIGINAL birth certificate together with your application.
  • Your (2) 2×2 pictures both signed at the bottom front. Attach (1) 2×2 photo at the left bottom corner of your application form and insert the remaining one photo on the envelope.
  • A US bank draft, US cashier’s check or US money order made payable to “NMI BON” or “NMI Board of Nursing” They DO NOT accept personal checks anymore so make sure to not pay them using your personal check. In order to get these, please go to a bank near you and ask if they do these kind of checks or head on to the nearest post office and have them filled out the check for you. Just remember that there will be an additional payment at the post office, so make sure to withdraw the amount of money needed ($150) convert it into your local currency and pay the post office.
  • Put the Application Form and the check to a one long white envelope.

What I did.

  • I asked my fiancé that is currently in the US to fill up a check for me, payable to NMI. I also sent him my application form together with my documents through LBC from the PH to the US. He was the one who sent it directly to NMI in a short brown envelope. On the shipper’s name he indicated my name and my address from the Philippines. Again, the envelope he sent contained the application form, affidavit form and the check. This is optional since I know someone from the US, but if not please follow the instructions above.

Step 2: Fill Out the Certification of RLE Form

  • Follow the instructions I’ve mentioned under the downloadable RLE form. Request that they also attach your Transcript of Records (TOR) together with your RLE Form. Remember to have the RLE form signed and both papers sealed.
  • Put both inside a long white envelope and ask your dean or the secretary to put a dry seal on your envelope and have them signed it (the part where you open the envelope) and at the back of the envelope, write this:

Shipper: (Complete Address of your University)

Consignee: NMI Board of Nursing CDA Building, 2nd Floor San Jose, Beach Road Saipan, MP 96950

What I did:

  • I asked someone from my school via call to go to the admissions office and ask for my TOR to be made. It usually takes 1-2 weeks of waiting before you can get the TOR so make sure you have this made AHEAD of time or before you actually go back to your University. I paid 1,200php for my TOR so better have that extra money ready.
  • When it was ready, I went back to our University so I could get the TOR myself and head over to our college so I can get my Certificate of RLE form signed and sealed.
  • After getting both papers, I inserted both in a one long white envelope.

Step 3: Have Your High School Transcript (Form 137) Ready.

  • Aside from your college transcript, you would also need your High school Transcript. Make sure it is the Form 137 that you’re going to avail.
  • When its finally done, you can fold the paper and make it fit to one white envelope. ASK THE ADMINISTRATION to put a dry seal on your white envelope and have them signed it (the part where you open the envelope) Do the same thing as what you did with the College transcript, write a shipper and a consignee.

What I Did:

  • Since I studied in Saudi Arabia, I had to ask someone to go to my school and ask the administration to send my Form 137 to the address of the NMI BON which is on the site I gave you but I’ll mention it later on.

Step 4: Gather all three white envelopes that you have

  • After gathering three white envelopes you have which contains: (1st envelope) Application Form, other legal documents e.g marriage papers, legal name changes and the affidavit notarized plus (2) 2×2 pictures AND THE CHECK. (2nd envelope) RLE Certificate Form and Transcript of Records. (3rd envelope) High School Transcript.
  • Make sure all your WHITE envelopes have their own and respective shipper and consignee written at the back of each one. PUT ALL THE THREE WHITE ENVELOPES in one SHORT/LONG BROWN ENVELOPE.
  • Label the back of the brown envelope with your name on the upper left corner.
  • Head on to LBC (they accept it even if its going to NMI) write your name as the shipper and write this address as a Consignee: NMI Board of Nursing CDA Building, 2nd Floor San Jose, Beach Road Saipan, MP 96950.

Step 5: All you have to do is wait!

  • Wait for Saipan’s e-mail of confirmation that you can apply for their state. You’ll receive an e-mail that says you are accepted to apply under NMI (Saipan) and that is another process for the Pearson Vue. I’ll make another blog about it next time, I’m sure I’ll be able to do that before they can send an e-mail to you.

Additional Notes:

  • It takes awhile for NMI BON to reply or even answer some queries so make sure you do this right or else it’ll take a toll on you. IMPORTANT: If LBC accepts a one time payment for all three envelopes going to NMI then put them all on different brown envelopes and write the shipper
    • as first document; from you. Second document; from your university’s complete address and Third document; from your High school campus’ complete address.
  • Now, a lot of people did the three white envelopes inserted on one brown envelope and shipped it all together but you might encounter a problem if the person that will review your document is very particular of who “sent it” so if you have some extra cash then just do the separate one’s but either is good.
  • Make sure to check the site from time to time for updated fees or phone number. I went to LBC since a lot of couriers won’t accept my documents cause NMI is an island and sometimes “out of the US territory” for other couriers and so, they will/might deny your documents. LBC accepted and delivered mine within 2 weeks without any hassle.
  • If you’re gonna ask me about the money needed for all this, let me just tell you to prepare atleast 12,000PHP to proceed (does not include the process with Pearson Vue)

There you have it! If you have any questions, you could always leave a comment or hit me up on my social media accounts! Thanks and I hope this makes it clear for you!



57 thoughts on “Applying for NCLEX- Northern Mariana Islands State (Saipan)

      1. Hello maam, i was trying t get hold of them with this number +1 (670)233-2263 but i cannot reach them. it is not even ringing. do you know any alternative number that I can contact them with? Thank you so much for your help maam .. I really appreciate it.

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    1. Hi im currently in california now but planning to take exam NMI question is, is it ok if i send my other requirements from here except for the one’s coming from my school?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hello! I checked the application from, there is Affidavit form for. Notary Public, will I have it notarize in Phils or it will handled by NMI BON. Thank you for your reply.


  1. Hi,

    Just to ask, for the Transcript plus RLE form and the form 137 from the high school, do you need to ask your university and high school to send it directly to the NMI BON address or you can get the documents yourself and send them all on your own? I’m thinking of sending them all in the US as my godmother will be the one issuing the payment and they would be the ones to forward the forms on my behalf.

    Also, for the photo, you just need to sign it at the bottom part right? My name does not need to be on the photo?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi! You can get it by yourself BUT make sure they are all in one envelope, sealed and signed by the school and if you’ll be sending it to your grandmother, and she’ll be the one sending the documents, tell her that the “from” address should be your school address. Other than that, there wouldn’t be any problem. And yes, just the signature on your pictures! 😊


      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your prompt response.

        Regarding getting the affidavit notarized, it is okay to have it done with a local notary public here in the Philippines? Also, with the RLE form, I know that my school has their own version of the form, is it recommended to still use this form from CBNI and have them fill this out or can I enclose the one that they will give me plus the the CBNI form?



      2. Yes, you can get your papers notarized in any local notary place. And yes, our school has their own forms too. You can definitely submit the cbni form and the form from your school together just to be sure!


      3. Thank you so much! Sorry I have a lot of questions as i want to make sure that this goes well.

        Just to add, I’ve checked their website and I’ve noticed that some of their links are no longer active, i had to search it in google. Just want to point that out.

        If i have any more questions while doing the process, ill comment again. Thanks again!

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  2. and my agency is saying that is compulsory for us to do cgnf ces before the nmibon will process our credential but the board sent me mail that they are already processing my credential but is taking time. is up to 6months now


  3. Hi Louise, thanks for the Info! Any idea how long it would take them to process verification and endorsement? thank you!!


    1. Hi! I’m actually processing and endorsement pero for my state need ko ng fingerprint eh wala ako US ID pa since its still processing. So hindi ko pa sya nablog. But i think depende sang state mo ipapaendorse? Mine might take 2wks to a month. Also they use a website para sa verification and the endorsement so you dont really have to talk to them anymore if ipapaendorse mo sa ibang state. I’ll get back to you on that. Pero mabilis lang siya 😊


  4. hi mam, tanong ko lang po, working po ako currently abroad, regarding po sa address, alin po ang ilalagay ko, address ko po ba sa pinas or d2 abroad?


  5. Hello, I am currently here in Guam and all of my docs will be coming from the Philippines, I am thinking if I need them send it first to my address or let them send it directly in NMI. What do you think thank you!


    1. Hi! It should be coming from the university itself, the only thing that can come from you is the first envelope; the one with your photo, payment and application form! Hope all is well!


  6. Hi Louise. Currently, I am abroad. I plan to send my application to NMI thru my friend in the U.S coz she will be who will make the bank draft. Do you think it will work? I will be sending her all my documents and she will be the one who will send them to NMI. Do I need to put my address abroad or the PH add? Also, the site shows that the fee to be paid is $110. Is this info right? Thanks so much.


  7. Hello there! I went to the same school from high school to college, so do i have to send the envelopes one by one or just put these two envelopes together in one big envelope? Thanks:)


  8. Hi Ms.Louise planning to apply NCLEX -RN as well. I can just go to their website and download the forms right? No need for CGFNS to eval. everything?


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