What Will I Do Next After Receiving My Eligibility Letter for NCLEX?

Hi everyone! If you came across this blog, you probably have finished the first step on your NCLEX journey. If you haven’t yet, I’ve created a blog on how to apply for SAIPAN (NMI)- BON and you can actually click the link here. On that link, I’ve prepared downloadable forms and my personal experience for you to follow or learn from. Good luck!

After 3 months of waiting for my eligibility letter, I finally have received it on my mail! Boy was I excited! Saipan BON usually has trouble replying to tons of e-mails and messages they receive on a daily basis SO don’t think that you’ll be accommodated immediately upon application. The good news is, you can review and prepare more for this very important exam. This is how the eligibility letter looks like:

Here’s how the Eligibility Letter looks like.

Upon receiving this mail, this means that you are now eligible to register at Pearson Vue! You are now on Step 2! Congratulations! When you click the blue link on the e-mail, it will redirect you to this: https://www.ncsbn.org/nclex.htm

You have to click the Sign up for the NCLEX button in order to start.

Upon clicking the link, you will then be redirected to this page.

I highly suggest that you proceed with the online (internet) registration, when you click the Pearson Vue website, you will then be redirected to this site: http://www.pearsonvue.com/nclex/ which would look like this:

You can now click Register in order to proceed with your exam, after the page redirects you will see that you need to make a web account first IF this is your first time taking the test. It will look like this:

After registering on your web account, you will receive an E-mail from Pearson Vue about the account you created! Great, you finally have a web account. You can now sign in after this in order to process your order! By order, I mean to take the NCLEX.

You can now see the Start the Registration Process button, with this you will need to click that you are seeking your exam at any US territory border and that you are taking the NCLEX-RN. This is how it would look like after.

The Program Code for the Philippines is PH99F00000. After clicking next, you will automatically be redirected to the payment process and you are done! After the validated the payment, you can now register for the date, time and place that you would want to schedule your exam!

I hope you learn something from this blog, if you have any questions you can always shoot me a message on my facebook account or email me at: louiseagnazata@gmail.com BUT if you have simple questions, you could always leave me a comment on the box below!

Goodluck and Godbless! For my next blog, please do recommend anything that you want to hear or learn about.

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